Renovated home side with additions in 2006 and a new 62 foot press box
New Visitors stands in 2003
Perry Stadium was originally dedicated in Fri. Sept. 12, 1958. The seating at that time consisted of an
1,000 seat home bleacher on the north side of the field and track seats for the visitors on the south
side. In 1961 a new home side was built on the south side of the field that sat 2,200. In 1970 once again
the home side was moved back to the north side of the field as the exsisting visitors stands were split
and put into the east and west endzones and a brand new 3,200 seat home bleacher was built. Perry
Stadium's capacity was 6,400 and stayed that way until the old visitors stands (once the home stands
from 1961-1969) were torn down and replaced with new aluminum bleachers in 2003. Then in 2006 the
home side was revovated with aluminum, more ailes, a new press box and additions were added to each
side of the exsisting home stands.  The old endzones were torn down and replaced with new endzone
bleachers that the bands now sit in. The current capacity for Perry Stadium is 6,700. This figure would
have been more, but due to construction codes, when the home bleachers were renovated the ailes
were widened to bring them up to code. In doing so one seat per row was lost. While the home side
gained in total capacity 150 seats were lost in the renovation process.
New field turf installed 2014. First game on the new turf vs. the Massillon Tigers
Night shot with a drone vs. North Canton Hoover